Aluminium Seating WA

Anyone can be an aluminium seating specialist, but very few specialise in providing the aluminium seating package with quality SERVICE and a designer seating range including timber seating and school seating.
Aluminium seating and timber seating designed, innovated, engineered, manufactured, project managed and professionally installed with genuine SERVICE is extremely hard to find.

BANG……………….you have found the genuine leaders in aluminium seating, school seating and timber seating in Australia……….WELL DONE…………….
So straight up, instead of BANGING on about how good our seats are and how good we are, we prefer to FOCUS, so because we have the products nailed, we FOCUS on what is ALWAYS a challenge and that is without doubt, SERVICE.

SERVICE is our company philosophy and is our company FOCUS.

NOW…………let’s face it, all aluminium seating and timber seating seems the same and a seat is a seat but, if you have over 18 years aluminium seating experience like our designer has, then you get pretty good at what works and what doesn’t in seating.

On the 7th July 2007 we are the first and only company to have placed $ values for each product on our site cause we simply have nothing to hide………………………
In fact, we have something more than a $ value for each seat to offer, we have SERVICE, that’s right, good old SERVICE and it is our -

Like our aluminium and timber seats, we think it’s all pretty simple. Simply place a small order with us, see how that rolls, then place the big orders once you’ve enjoyed our products and our SERVICE.
Please enjoy this website and if we never meet again, remember us when you see or sit on an aluminium seat and sincerely, have a great life !